Bozena Happach throughout her training at the College of Fine Arts and thereafter, studied sculpture under Elzbieta Szczodrowska, a sculptor perhaps best known for her work on the monument to "Solidarity" in Gdansk (Poland). Her extensive experience has enabled her to explore a broad spectrum of figurative arts and resulted in an in-depth study of autonomous as well as relief forms of expression. It also afforded her a unique opportunity to work on large-scale sculptures for private clients, participation in Sculpture Symposiums, and having her sculptures displayed in public places and gardens.  Presently Bozena find self-expression in 3-dimentional figurative works as well as in reliefs, which on occasion she combine with abstract elements.  Her sculptures illustrate the complexity and beauty of human form. She intend to demonstrate the depth as well as the foibles of the human endeavor, along the journey of both physical and spiritual evolution. Artist works in bronze, stone, fiberglass, metal and resin, and gesso-duro.