DYLAG Dorota

Dorota Dylag was born in Wroclaw (Poland). She came from the family of artists. She is the graduate of College of Fine Arts in Nowy Wisnicz in Poland with a specialization in ceramic art. Later, she studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw under professors Andrzej Dobrzaniecki and Stanislaw Kortyka. She worked as artistic director and conservator at the Cultural Center of Zlotoryja in Poland, organizing art exhibitions and "open air" international artistic events. She authored many murals in Poland and Montreal, where she had been commissioned to paint 10 murals for the department of psychology of Concordia University. She was the finalist in International UNICEF competition in New York (USA), and finalist in the International Art Competition in Budapest (Hungary). She participated in many individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and in Canada.In 2017, Dorota and her husband Piotr Krolikowski, have been initiators of the group PAAC. 
Dorota passed away in Montreal in 2018. 
According to Dorota, creation is the act of preservation of beauty and harmony in the Universe. Composition is the combination of body and spirit, materials and techniques. Forms, lines, colors and textures which emanate from the creation have an origin in the inspiration.